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How Buying Used Car Parts Can Be Beneficial

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Used car parts have been around for as long as cars have. More recently, the auto recycling industry has grown, and salvage yards are located all around the country. There are some pretty good reasons to consider used car parts for your vehicle, and you might be surprised by some of the benefits from buying them.

Cost Savings

One of the most beneficial reasons to buy used car parts from a salvage yard is the cost of the parts. The prices are often far lower than new parts, but it is also essential to remember that the condition of the parts is often not known, so it is vital to look over the used parts carefully before you leave the salvage yard. 

Most used auto parts sellers work hard to find parts that will work on your car, but if there is no history for the vehicle, check the mileage on the vehicle the parts are coming from. In some cases, the parts are replacements that someone installed before they scraped the car, so the mileage may not tell you much, but it is still the best way to determine the vehicle's general condition.

If there are several vehicles in the yard with the parts you need, check them all and find the part in the best condition. In yards that allow you to remove the parts yourself, the condition typically does not change the price, so taking a few extra minutes to search the yard may be beneficial.

Parts Availability

Older cars are becoming harder to get parts for, even new parts, but some older salvage yards are holding cars or parts that date back twenty or more years. These salvage yards sell used car parts to customers, and they often have a treasure trove of items that you may not find anywhere else. 

If you need parts for a classic car, and you do not want to buy reproduction parts, look for small backcountry salvage yards in the area. Often they have older cars hiding in the yard that are nearly forgotten and still have a lot of good parts. 

In some cases, you can find used car parts for sale from private collectors, classic cars, and trucks that can be a good deal, especially if they are hard to find. While used car parts don't typically have a warranty, it can be worth the risk if you are looking for a component that is no longer available new or in the aftermarket reproduction market.