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2 Benefits Of Installing A Supercharger On Your Car

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Whether you want a little extra power when driving down the highway or are planning to take your car to an amateur drag racing strip, you may be looking for ways to increase your car's horsepower. If you have already upgraded the engine, the next step would be installing a system that gives it a boost.

While there are several systems and attachments that you can use, one that you may want to seriously consider is a supercharger. There are a couple of benefits of installing a supercharger on your car to increase its horsepower and speed.

1. Provides a Boost of Power Without Over-Revving the Engine

One benefit of installing a supercharger over other engine power-boosting systems is that it provides power without putting as much strain on the engine. With other systems such as a turbocharger, the extra power comes at a cost, where the revolutions per minute (RPMs) are greatly increased. This puts stress on the engine and transmission, which could blow either one if everything is not calibrated correctly.

However, with the superchargers, the RPMs are only raised slightly than is normal for the engine. The boost it gives keeps the revolutions at an even level, which helps to reduce the amount of extra strain on the engine and transmission.

2. Gives Your Car Consistent Power Without a Lag in Delivery

Another benefit of installing a supercharger is that gives consistent power with no spikes or lags while driving. With other systems, it may take a few seconds to engage the boost, and even once the initial burst of speed is given, the power levels may drop and increase at various intervals.

With the supercharger, as soon as you press the button or lever to engage the system, the boost is delivered without delay in the delivery of the boost in horsepower. Then, as you drive at the increased rate of speed, the power delivered remains at the same level unit you slow down or turn the system off.

If you are looking to give your car's engine a boost, installing a supercharger can give you the power you desire without sending the motor's RPMs through the roof. It also gives you consistent power delivery without lag or hesitation.

For more information about how it can benefit your particular engine and personal needs, contact an auto parts company that offers a variety of superchargers, including Whipple superchargers, to speak to a representative.