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What Car Filters Does Your Car Have?

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Your car uses car filters to help keep debris and other stuff out of your vehicle's engine and other components. Whether you know this or not, you have more than one car filter; you actually have quite a few. Explore the variety of car filters you have in your vehicle so you can learn what they do and how you can take care of them. 

Air filter

Your air filter is located under the hood of your vehicle. It's responsible for keeping dirt, dander, and other debris out of your engine. If you have a clogged air filter, it can lead to poor vehicle performance, so get your air filter checked during every oil change or service and have it changed when it's full. This will help improve the engine performance and help prevent your engine from failing on you.

Oil filter

Your car has an oil filter. It's one of the most important car filters you have and helps to keep your engine oil clean so it can do its job and keep the working parts in the engine well-lubricated. Your oil filter should be cleaned periodically to ensure your vehicle is operating well and if it's in need of replacement, have it replaced when you have an oil change.

Fuel filter

The fuel filter cleans the fuel and blocks impurities from getting into your fuel line. This will help keep your fuel from getting contaminated and clogging your fuel line. If you want to maximize your fuel usage, then make sure you have a fuel filter that is working well for you. Your auto mechanic can check your fuel filter to make sure it's working, especially if your car is using more gas than normal or sputtering.

Cabin filter

Perhaps the most unknown filter of all car filters is the cabin filter. What does this filter do? It's the one that makes sure the air that goes into your car—the air you breathe—is nice and clean and free of allergens, exhaust, and other elements. Make sure the cabin filter is checked regularly if you have allergies and other concerns about your health or if your vehicle has been having issues with other filtration systems.

Your auto mechanic can help you choose new car filters when you need them. This way, your car can continue operating as safely and beneficial to you as possible. New car filters are not expensive or complicated to purchase and install, but let an auto mechanic do it for you.

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