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Finding Equipment Parts

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When you find yourself needing new mixer blades, power trains, equalizer bars and other heavy equipment parts, you might panic. You might stress about costs and shipping times and worry about how far behind your project will get as you wait for new parts to reach you. That's why, before anything ever takes place, you should have definite partners you can interact with whenever parts must be found. These actions--which should be done now--can ensure regular work happens faster because parts are more quickly bought and installed.

Contacting the Manufacturer 

Often, the manufacturer who made the equipment should be a good resource. They might have a host of parts waiting for you to identify and order. They may have suppliers throughout the nation where you can locate the pieces you need. You can also inquire about any existing warranties on the equipment you own; spending costs could be reduced if your equipment remains covered, even partially.

Locally Sourcing Parts

Local heavy equipment parts suppliers see a lot of business because they can outfit heavy equipment without long shipping times. If you need a few parts today because you're already behind schedule on your site, local suppliers could save the day. However, because they're so busy, they could have one product one day and not the next. Therefore, keep multiple suppliers in your list of people to contact when you've got to have a particular part.

Trying Online Auctions

If low costs are important, you might experiment with online auctions. You may be able to get parts with steep discounts, but smart bidding is important. You'll also need to double-check sizing, model and type; you don't want to place the winning bid on a part only to receive it and realize that the size isn't right.

Contacting Peers

While you likely have a healthy rivalry with other contractors in the area, they too can help in an emergency. Asking them for parts or setting up some kind of trade system will allow both parties to benefit from sharing parts and equipment they no longer need or aren't using at the moment.

Being able to assemble a list of possible places you can get heavy equipment components and parts should help you feel better whenever site emergencies do occur. Make some calls and find out how quickly you might be able to get different things; preparing yourself should also reduce stress about getting these parts.