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Car Maintenance Tips For A Better Running Vehicle

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You want to know you are doing all that you can to keep your car in great shape. The more you put in to your car, the less your chances will be of ending up on the side of the road calling for someone to come give you a ride after your car has broken down. You can learn 5 tips to help you keep your car in good shape here.

1. Park your car in the garage

There are a variety of ways parking your car in the garage will help to prevent issues. When you park in the garage your car will be protected from vandalism. It will also be kept out of the sun which can wreak havoc on its paint job and extreme heat can damage your electrical system.

2. Keep up with your routine maintenance

Make sure you keep up with the dates that you are supposed to get your car in for things like tire rotation and balancing, oil changes and tune ups. If you don't keep up with these things then you can find yourself dealing with costly problems down the road.

3. Hose off the bottom of the car

While you will want to keep the visible area of your car clean for obvious reasons, you should also make it a point to wash off the bottom area at least once a year to remove things like road salt and grime which can eventually cause damage to certain areas. Also, keeping the bottom of your car clean will help you to recognize when there may be a problem with the can because leaks will be easier to find.

4. Recognize important issues that should get immediate attention

One of the best things that you can do for the well-being of your car is to learn what the signs are of possible issues and take your car in to be looked at as soon as you feel or hear them.Your brakes need to be replaced when they start to wear so you know you can count on them to stop on a dime. If you start to hear squeaks, or even worse, you hear grinding, then you definitely need to have the brakes checked and replaced right away. If the tire feels as if it has a bump in it then you may need a new rotor right away. If the car starts to have a hard time switching gears then you definitely want to have the transmission looked at as soon as they can get you in.

5. Have a security system installed

You want to protect your car from having other people tampering with it or even stealing it. If your car is stolen and you get it back then you may find that it has a lot of issues from the way the thieves treated it while they were driving it around.


You should keep in mind that you can save yourself a lot of money by going with recycled auto parts if something does go wrong with your car and it happens to be something that you can fix on your own. Some mechanics will even let you bring your own parts in and they will put them on for you, so you don't have to pay a mark-up for their new parts.