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Tips For Getting Inexpensive Parts For Your Car At A Local Salvage Yard

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Whether you have a classic car or a more modern model, you can get inexpensive parts for making repairs from automotive salvage yards like A & B Truck Recycling. If you have never been to a salvage yard before, then you are in for a special treat. Even if auto repair really isn't your thing, you will still find the salvage yard to be an interesting place. However, since an auto salvage yard is not the same as an auto parts store, there are some differences that you should be aware of and things you need to bring along.

Follow these tips to get the best salvaged parts for your next vehicle repair:

Tip: Call Ahead to Confirm the Salvage Yard Has the Right Type of Car for You to Remove Parts From

Not all salvage yards will have the same types of vehicles in stock. For this reason, you need to call ahead to make sure they have the right vehicles for you to pull parts off of. This step will save you a lot of time and ensure you go to the right salvage yard.

Tip: Expect to Sign a Waiver Form and Pay a Small Entry Fee

Since removing parts from salvaged vehicles requires your use of tools on the salvage yard's property, you should expect to sign a waiver that you will not sue them if you injure yourself. Additionally, most salvage yards charge a small entry fee, so you need to bring along a few dollar bills.

Tip: Bring Along Your Own Tools to the Salvage Yard

Since you will be removing your own parts from the salvaged vehicles, you must bring along your own tools. Some salvage yards will have tools available for you to borrow, but bringing along your own is always best if possible.

Tip: Avoid Using Electric Parts from the Salvage Yard

Since you cannot see damage in an electric part by just looking at it, you should avoid using electric parts from a salvage yard. This type of part should be purchased new through your local auto parts store.

Tip: Inspect All Available Parts, and Choose the One That Is in the Best Shape

Finally, rather than pulling out the first part that you find that will fit your car, you should locate all of your options and choose the best one from them. For example, if your car needs a new bumper, look at all of the bumpers that will fit on your car, and remove the one that is in the best overall shape.